Public Safety Building and Emergency Operations Center

The new Emergency Operations Center/Public Safety Building will be equipped with state-of-the-art disaster management and public safety technology. Sheriff’s Administration, Fiscal, Personnel, and Emergency Services will also be located in this building. The two-story, 38,000-square foot building is designed to operate independently during an emergency if city utilities become unavailable. On March 26, 2018, Contra Costa County selected the design-build team of Hensel Phelps and Dreyfuss + Blackford Architecture to complete this project. The new building is scheduled for completion in March 2020.

For information, questions, or concerns regarding the Emergency Operations Center/Public Safety Building project, please contact us at 925.335.1088.

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Major Accomplishments:

Januaryhas seen significant progress on many fronts. The steel structure has seen theall bolt snap test completed and welding continues with completion of theassociated welding inspection set to occur the last week of the month. We willsee the completion of all concrete pour-backs of the first-floor slab on grade.Hensel Phelps (HP) continues to work with the Contra Costa County Department ofConservation and Development (DCD) to complete the last Bulletin No. 5 of DP4100% drawings. DP4 100% drawings have been signed off and were permitted inJanuary.  Major Milestone hip hip hurrah.  All deferred submittals continue to be thefocus of the HP Design Team and we look forward to their completion andsign-off in the coming weeks.  Metaldecking on the second floor has been spread, and is reaching 90% completion,with inserts for MEPs being installed and reticulated structural reinforcingsteel for the second-floor deck is to begin and complete in the next two weeks.Nelson stud inspections for the second-floor decking are to begin the last weekof January. Edge forms for the second-floor deck are being installed and weldedin place.  All focus is now onpreparation to pour the second-floor concrete deck and will be completed overthe coming four weeks in four phases. Layout for interior priority metal studwalls is being completed in preparation for their upcoming installation. Primerfor the structural steel has begun again on the East end of the building withrollers and less spraying of the product to the structural steel. Grouting ofthe column footings is complete. Welding inspections of the steel and metaldecking and anchor bolts, epoxy rebar placement inspections continue to becompleted by our special inspection team. Our team continues to monitor safetyand has been exemplary in its efforts to send our craft home safely to theirloved ones. 


View current webcam images or a time lapse of the County Building Demolition site here.