Acceptable Items

Would you like to donate items to help the animals in our shelters? Below is a list of items we can always use. You can drop these off or you can purchase them on Amazon through one of our wishlists shown here.

  • "Kong" dog toys - black color only
  • Cat toys - cloth or plastic balls with bells
  • Bedding (blankets and towels) - Clean or new without holes or frayed edges
  • KMR (kitten milk replacement) - Powdered baby formula for unweaned kittens, Esbilac (puppy formula), pet nursing bottles (PetAg)
  • Dog / cat treats - Ziwi Peak Dog Treats and other high quality dog treats (please no peanut butter flavored treats)
  • Newspapers - used to line rabbit and cat cages and litter boxes
  • Hot Dogs (Beef, Turkey or Chicken, preferably without any added ingredients)
  • Cat and Dog Crates (mainly for tranports - we will always need these in all sizes)

  • Toys and food for rabbits - willow balls, tunnels and tents, alfalfa, popsicle sticks, Timothy hay, orchard grass, plastic rabbit igloos
  • Miscellaneous items
    • Pet shampoo
    • Flea combs
    • Shaving clippers
    • Nail clippers
    • New leashes
    • Collars
    • Harnesses
  • Cat and Dog Crates
    (clean and in good working condition)