Hire The Band

General Request
In most cases, services for Line of Duty funerals will be provided free of charge to Bay Area law Enforcement agencies. A small fee to cover ongoing expenses may be charged for law enforcement or civic events such as:
  • Academy graduations
  • Ceremonies
  • Memorials 
  • Parades

Please remember, most of the band members are full-time law enforcement personnel who work a variety of shift assignments and band performances are done on a volunteer basis. For this reason, not all requests will be able to be accommodated.

It is also advised to make requests as far in advance of the performance date as possible. All requests must be made by phone at (925) 313-2520. All requests are subject to guidelines established by the Department.

Law Enforcement Request
If you are affiliated with law enforcement and have an urgent request, please contact our Communications Center at (925) 646-2441 and request an urgent call back from Pipe Manager, either on or off duty.