How does this data relate to the taxes on my tax bill?
Your annual property tax bill lists separately all of the tax rates, including the basic one percent tax and voter approved additional taxes (mostly for school bonds), as well as all of the various special taxes, assessments, fees and charges that apply to your property. All of the taxes listed in separate lines on the bill are distributed directly to the agencies levying the charge, except for the one percent tax, which is shared by many agencies.

The Tax Rate Area Allocation shows how the one percent tax levied in each Tax Rate Area is allocated.*

*Notice and Disclaimer: The data provided is intended to give taxpayers general information on how the property taxes they pay are allocated. In fact, however, taxes are not apportioned by tax rate area. Statutory formulas require further aggregation and the development of apportionment factors using countywide data. While the data provided is used in the development of the countywide factors and is a very good approximation of how an individual’s current year taxes are allocated, it is provided as an approximation only. When actually apportioning taxes, the Auditor-Controller’s Office follows the statutory formulas.

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1. How does this data relate to the taxes on my tax bill?
2. Who determined the allocation amounts and why do we have Tax Rate Areas?
3. Is my property in a Redevelopment Project Area, and if so, how does that affect the allocation?