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Nomination Form 2015 Arts and Culture Annual Recognition Awards

  1. A nominee must be or have been involved with arts and culture, with contributions and/or work having a significant impact in Contra Costa County and beyond.

    Individuals nominated in previous years who were not selected may be nominated again.

    There are no award categories. An individual, business or organization may be nominated for work or contributions in any discipline or combinations of efforts. Examples include Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Literary Arts, Digital Arts, Arts Administration, Arts Education, Volunteer Support, Art/Cultural Philanthropy, etc.

    Nominees can include individuals from non-profit or for-profit organizations who show exceptional leadership, vision and commitment to the growth and support of arts and culture; organizations or individuals who show continuous and/or significant financial or in-kind support to arts/culture-related organizations; or individuals that help keep Contra Costa arts and/or culture alive.

    See below for information on sending supporting information.

    Nomination deadline: July 15, 2015

    Thanks for participating! Spread the word.

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