Contra Costa County provides services to residents through many departments and agencies.

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Conservation & Development
Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan
Alcohol Beverage Sales - Commercial Activities
Appeal Process
Application & Permit Center
Application Fees
Application Forms
Bay Friendly Gardening & Landscaping Guidelines
Bay Point - Redevelopment Project Area
Application Forms - Planning/Land Use
Bay Point Community Based Transportation Plan
Business Reuse & Recycling Assistance
Business Reuse & Recycling Resource Kit
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) | County CEQA Guidelines
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Plan
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Report
Contra Costa Materials Exchange (CoCoMAX)
Contra Costa Watershed Forum
County Planning Commission (CPC)
Countywide Bicycle Trail Review Study
Volunteer Creek Monitoring Program
Curbside Recycling - General Info
Current Planning
Development Plan Application
Disposal Facilities (Transfer Stations & Landfills) - General Info
Doing Business in Contra Costa County
East Contra Costa County Habitat Conservation Plan
East County Bikeway Plan
East County Regional Planning Commission (ECRPC)
Affordable Housing
Electric Mulching Mower Rebates
Electronics Recycling - General Info
Making Web Pages
Buildings, Facilities & Construction
Government Services
Doing Business with Us
Permits, Licenses & Records
Roads & Transportation
Recycling Collection - Listing of services by City/Community
Green Building - Residential Construction & Remodeling
Green Building - Residential Construction & Remodeling
Building Code Interpretation Hotline
Bid on NPP Construction Projects
Graffiti - Removal from Private Property
Weatherize Your Home for Free
Engineering Questions - Building Inspection Division
Building Records Research
Drainage Plan Requirements Letter from Chief Building Official
Drainage Plan Checklist
Requirements Checklist for Obtaining a Building Permit
Plan Submission Guidelines
Cancel a Building Permit
Application Forms - Building Permits
Bond Release
Grading Permits and Inspections
Inspection Times for Building Inspections
Scheduling Building Inspections
Mobile Home Inspections and Safety
Permit Extension Request
Refunds for a Building Permit
Renew a Building Permit
Plan Check Status
Permits by Department
Building Permit Issuance Offices
Building Permit Fee Estimates
Building Permit Fee Schedule

Building Inspection
Community Development
Economic & Redevelopment Agency
Management & Business Operations

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