Contra Costa County provides services to residents through many departments and agencies.

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California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) | County CEQA Guidelines
Guidelines for Administering the California Environmental Quality Act
Cancel a Building Permit
To cancel a Building Permit, call (925) 674-7200.
Code Enforcement Complaint Form
File a code violation complaint online
Code Enforcement Program
Information regarding code violations, county ordinances enforced, and contact information.
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Program
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Ordinance
418-14.002 The purpose of this ordinance is to reduce the quantity of construction and demolition debris disposed in landfills as required by State law. (Ord. 2004-16 ┬ž 2.)
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Plan
DEBRIS RECOVERY PLAN: Pre-Construction/Pre-Demolition
Construction & Demolition Debris Recovery Report
DEBRIS RECOVERY REPORT: Post-Construction/Post-Demolition
Contra Costa Clean Water Program
For information on the Contra Costa Clean Water Program, please call 925-313-2000.
Contra Costa Materials Exchange (CoCoMAX)
CoCoMAX is a FREE service designed to match the discards of businesses and other entities in Contra Costa County with potential users.
Contra Costa Watershed Forum
Watershed Resources
County Contracting Programs
For information on the County's Contracting Programs, please call 925-335-1044.
County Outreach Program
For information on the County's Outreach Program, please call 925-335-1044.
County Parks
For information on parks in Contra Costa County, please call the Public Works Department at 925-313-2000.
County Planning Commission (CPC)
If the agenda you are interested in is not available to view, please call (925) 335-1210 during our office hours to request a copy by mail.
County Standard Plans
For information on the County's Standard Plans, please call 925-313-2000.
County Standard Plans
For information on the County's Standard Plans, please call 925-313-7000.
County Watershed Program
For information on the County's Watershed Program, please call 925-313-2000.
Countywide Bicycle Trail Review Study
The purpose of this study was to conduct a systematic evaluation of the trails to identify the existing conditions which inhibit increased bicycle transportation.
Curbside Recycling - General Info
Reuse & Recycling Options
Current Planning
The Current Planning Division is committed to serving the public regarding regulation of land use and development in accordance with County policy and applicable laws.

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