Contra Costa County provides services to residents through many departments and agencies.

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Demographic inquiries can be directed to Kristine Solseng at (925) 335-1271.
Development Plan Application
Application for a Development Plan
Disposal Facilities (Transfer Stations & Landfills) - General Info
Bay Area Disposal Facilities: Non-recyclable Waste.
Doing Business in Contra Costa County
Contra Costa County offers a variety of organizational resources for businesses in the county.
Doing Business with Us
This category includes information about services that pertain to doing business with and/or within the County.
Drainage Areas
For information on the County's Drainage Areas, please call 925-313-2000.
Drainage Plan Checklist
Checklist that will help determine if a project needs to have drainage plans submitted with permit application. Call (925) 674-7718 for more information
Drainage Plan Requirements Letter from Chief Building Official
Letter from the Chief Building Official outlining what specific projects require a drainage plan.

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