Contra Costa County provides services to residents through many departments and agencies.

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Farm Stand Ordinance
Grower Stands, Farm Stands and Farm Markets in Agricultural Zoning Districts Ordinance
Financial Information & General Admin - Commmunity Development Dept.
DIVISION MANAGER Louise Aiello, Administrative Services Officer (925) 313-4303
Financing Public Improvements
Financing Public Improvements
Fish & Wildlife Committee (FWC)
The Fish and Wildlife Committee meets the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00 pm.
Flood Control Zones
For information on the County's Flood Control Zones, please call 925-313-2000.
Flood Zone Determination Form
For information or to obtain a Flood Zone Determination Forms, please call 925-646-1623.
Floodplain Permit
For information on obtaining a Floodplain Permit, please call 925-335-1375.

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