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The Pleasant Hill BART
Station Design Charrette

Charrette Participant Comments 


There is a shortfall still on Iron Horse Trail replacement parking; 250 paid spots is not the same as 581 free spots.  Add to parking tower.

Where are the 581 spaces of parking form the green space going to be? This plan does not show the promised parking.  Look elsewhere!

250 spaces from trail on-site (no need for parking at swim club).

Having 250 spaces violates the Specific Plan.

Expand parking structure first.

We need more parking not less.

Develop the expanded parking structure first before development of retail, office space, ect.

Add another level to the structure-currently 7 floors plus basement, why only 6 floors in this design?

The northeast corner of the parking structure has the worst view-screen it!

How many stories? Make it low.

Place parking at North Concord stop

Where’s the parking garage?

New Garage parking space widths minimum 8 feet

Different size spaces for different size cars, alternate floors of large and small cars

If you charge for parking, you reduce parking demand (especially from nearby areas)and you will increase demand for bus, walking, and bike riding.

Don’t lose sight that this is a train station, needs more access, convenience.

Given current growth increases part. Bart ridership; today’s parking supply should be a baseline.


Is there space for buses?

Main street parallel parking doesn’t seem to work, instead, one sice only 45 degree angle parking

Parallel parking will back traffic up onto Treat

Do we really need cars all the way around the green?

Drop offs and taxis?

Where is the Kiss and Ride area?



Make sure there is enough room to the right of bridge for executing turns.

Traffic calming a priority (crossing Iron Horse Trail to Jones Road). This can be problem for traffic flow –cars in looking for non existent parking than backing out again will have a very adverse reaction on H/T (Honey Trial?) residents.

No cars around square; instead, Main Street to Park Street only. This works because of more service outlets at this end of Main and around Square.

Provide Class 1 trail along BART Row to Bancroft Road, to connect with potential trails in Concord.

Replace Iron Horse Trail Bridge with one at Oak Road

Need to incorporate fully funded direct Iron Horse Trail over crossing bridge at Jones and Treat and continue bridge design planning.



Bad pedestrian crossing near I-680.

Make sure there is grass somewhere on Treat.

Need to incorporate safe Iron Horse Trail over crossing of Treat Blvd at Jones Road.

Much concern about crossing Jones during evening rush hours to reach the bridge over Bart.  There will be a continuous stream of people crossing a stream of cars.

It should be a true pedestrian center because if traffic circulates around it, it will not feel like a park.

The Square (Station Plaza?) should be pedestrian only, otherwise traffic circle only.

“Buffer” comfort for peds.

Pedestrian Tunnel below Treat.

Blinking light pedestrian /bike crosswalk form Iron Horse Trail across Jones Road (in the direction of the Station Plaza)

Bike storage for residents who don’t have covered storage.



Preserve air right for future greater density.

Is there an incor

poration of solar energy?

Are the trees at the intersection of Oak Rd. and Treat Blvd. sick?

Save the view of Mount Diablo

I’m worried about our Mount Diablo view from the station platform…we should see it from all along the platform, not just one little spot



Either activate linear park (market, ect.) or give up for larger square.

Larger community Center on Larger Green

Mix office and residential on the same properties.

Plan should allow future air rights; mixed development in future especially around Square and Green to Iron Trail.

Have a post office annex.


Better utilization of site-swap the daycare (with something else?)

Strong landscape feature or fountain.



Green should be a bit larger.

The small plaza east of Station Plaza seems awkward; it seems better used as part of the central greed…or transformed into an active public site (playground, ect.) or anchored by retail (restaurant)?

What is this building doing here? (the small public building on this green) Civic space is good, move it elsewhere. Maybe a playground here?

            This building is too big.

This space is ‘not doing anything’-what about a playground?

Put brass ducks for children to sit on in the public square (like in Boston Public Garden)

Picnic tables, fountain, swing sets, larger destination park.



Retail mix should include drugstore/grocery store, Mom & Pop store.

Preserve space along green for retail expansion

Maintain future retail around Station Plaza

Target immigrant entrepreneurs as retail tenants/building owners-tap into their networks of potential retail tenants.

No fast food!

Steps (or elevator) to retail from bridge to the west.



More housing, more affordable housing-inclusionary, not segregated.

Market-rate housing: 300 plus units of housing with 45 plus for-sale units.

            Look beyond the site for more long term solution (look outside the box).

Mix houses/office on same block.

Like housing above retail.



Walden is the name of the area and the road to the South on Oak Road.  It is a historic area, with walnut groves, heritage oaks, and older homes (at least 3 are about 100 years old). Lets build on this.

Walder Center or Walden Square for name.There is an adobe structure on Oak between Treat and Walden, and there are cottages and old homes on Cherry Lane and Walnut Blvd.



Why not public “community” pool?

Agreed that use should be recreational.

Pool becomes village pool.



West of I-680

            No higher than other buildings-maximum 10 stories

Put seven-story tower on the West side of BART with the other tower.

Need good codes to get this architecture

Need regulating codes to be available.

Is the Station Building included in financial analysis?

Scale back 7-story building on Treat: decrease to 4 stories or increase set-back.



Lose the towers next to BART

How about an old-world-style clock that would be visible from the station platform instead of a flagpole.

Destination is key concept.

Architecture is superior to anything around-relates to history.

Put drawings on the web.

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