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Ideas from the 2/8/01 Focus Group Meeting for the Pleasant Hill BART Charrette. 

1. Re-establish existing conditions (not 1997 LOS)- need new baseline for comparison (incl.unbuilt but approved development)

2. Specific Plan limit on growth based on certain traffic levels- (Spec. Plan p 33)…

3. Based on maximum parking ratio of 3.3(spaces)/1000 (sq ft office) would result in 2600 vehicles.

4. Can parking for office be less than 3.3/1000?-This is max in plan.

5. Through the charrette process can less than the 600,000 sq ft minimum development be proposed?

6. John Muir has higher employee density that exceeds the parking supply 2.7-2.8(spaces)/1000(sq ft office)-resulting in valet parking and bank parking in the temporary lots.

7. Bicyclists have to pay for bike lockers at BART, whereas parking is free, incentives for alternative modes need to be increased.

8. Need to look at regional transportation planning.

9. Cannot eliminate the through traffic on Treat.

10. Integrate into a regional master plan the impacts of this project with the impacts of other developments in the county.

11. Solutions will work better if there is more cooperation and collaboration among regional projects.

12. Time of day is an important element to consider -focus on peak commute ingress and egress to BART parking.

13. Improve overall accessibility to the development.

14. Develop uses that don't attract as much traffic from the region.

15. Focus on TDM incentives to use alternative modes.

16. Need to take into account traffic from bicyclists' and pedestrians' perspectives, especially 6:00-8:00am. Improve ped. & bicycle environment (also 4:00-6:00pm)

17. Crossing Coggins is difficult for pedestrians-
· "Blind" corner at BART access
· Island w/ Oak tree
· Lanes narrow from 2 to 1

18. Difficult access to Canal Trail--- must go through temporary parking.

19. Unclear whether bicyclists should use streets or Iron Horse Trail.

20. Confusing intersection at Treat and Jones where trail crosses Treat for Iron Horse Trail users.

21. Accessing BART in a.m. Treat-left turn when going north on Coggins.

22. Better channelization of traffic into BART parking lot---keep traffic moving and minimize conflicts between flows.

23. Area acts as park & ride.

· Look at area to north-west (N. Main St. area/old Co-op location) as alternative park & ride. Also consider:
· Sun Valley Mall in Concord (utilizing excess parking)
· Montgomery Wards parking lot (to be served by shuttle)
· Consider park & ride at future hotel/office site (former AmeriSuites site)

24. At the Bike/Ped overcrossing at Jones, consider closing the south side of Treat and east side of Jones to provide a direct connection to the Trail.

25. Improve access through the BART lot to office buildings.

26. Consider Church parking lots as park & ride lots (Orinda model).

27. How can we attract employers who value alternatives to SOV, and give their employees incentives to do it?

28. Reward the behavior that you want to encourage (e.g. amenities for bikes, peds.)-El Cerrito example of bike lockers.

29. If you want more people to use BART, consider increasing amount of BART parking to keep traffic off the regional streets.

30. Retain existing # of parking spaces at BART (3,450)

31. BART lots are empty on nights and weekends, so may consider evening (complementary) uses.

32. Is BART going to replace the parking in the park ROW?

33. Reducing BART parking encourages land use patterns that generate more traffic.

34. Don't just focus on the commute times- need retail or other off-peak uses.

35. Consider parking structures with retail on the ground floor (e.g. Horton Plaza).

36. Can you put a swimming pool on top of a parking garage?

37. Dual turn lanes are difficult for bicyclists…. Like at Treat & Oak

38. "Pass through" traffic from Bancroft to Mayhew to Las Juntas is a problem for neighbors (also Las Juntas to Bancroft to Buskirk -neighborhood impacts).

39. Develop Buskirk as four-lane all the way to Monument Blvd.

40. Pedestrians "do not have the right of way" in the crosswalks.

41. What is Oakland's mode split? How can we increase Centre's mode split?

42. Can we predict mode split of new development going in?

43. Increase development rights in leu of parking.

44. What is this area going to look like in 20 years?

45. We need better transit service. How can we pay for it?

46. We don't want traffic to be any worse than it is today, but we want it to be a vital area.

47. Opportunity to create a transit village.

48. Will Fehr & Peers focus at the charrette be on BART transit or on the car?

49. Last EIR and traffic study projections re: modal splits that were not accurate.

50. Different things affect # of people who will walk ie: weather, hrs worked, other things the have to do, etc.

51. Envision Iron Horse Transit Corridor---Light Rail etc.-We need to plan for the connections to it whether walking/bicycle trail or light rail.

52. This is our last opportunity to do it right.

53. We need to think 20 years out and put the infrastructure for it in now.

54. Transportation system in London works because stop spacing is short-we need a light rail system with frequent stops.

55. Quit thinking temporary solutions and think long term.

56. Would County consider changing the streets, light rail, etc ? How far can we go?

57. Can the streets in the area be modified?

58. Can we consider one-way streets?

59. How will parking at BART for airport be handled?

60. Flex hour spaces

61. Parking is never temporary.

62. Parking = Traffic

63. Need improved walking entrance thru BART parking lot to the station.

Js 2/12/01

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