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Issues and Ideas from emails, faxes and letters for the Pleasant Hill BART Charrette  

Prepared by Fehr & Peers Associates, Inc. 

(Note issues covered in the 2/8/01 Focus Group meeting issues list are not repeated here. A total of 9 emails, 1 fax, 1 letter were received, with 1 personal conversation.)

1. Leisure Sports Inc. (now Renaissance ClubSport Hotel & Fitness Resort ) gained approval for a project in subarea 15 of the Specific Plan Area. A condition of approval was offers of Right of Way dedication on Jones Rd. and Oak Rd. The purpose of these dedications were to mitigate loss of the right turn lane from Jones to Treat to accommodate a pedestrian overcrossing of Treat for the Iron Horse Trail.

2. Promote future development that encourages living, service and recreational usage. Providing feeder mini buses that run to and from various neighborhoods in a timely fashion synchronizing their timetables to those of BART would greatly reduce current and future traffic congestion.

3. The Specific Plan for the Redevelopment Area contains excellent
instructions about trails and paths as a means of getting people to the
BART station and through the area on foot or on bikes. They have not yet been implemented.

4. Primary need for area is enormously more free parking and free or extremely low-cost (10 cents) transportation to downtown Pleasant Hill main shopping area, downtown main shopping in Walnut Creek on an every 10 minutes or less basis.

5. Small stores are having trouble recruiting staff as they cannot pay a living wage in this area. So putting in more "strip mall local shopping areas" does not make sense. Groceries, small bookstores, coffee shops already proliferate in this general area. We do not need to compete with these.

6. Parking in two subterranean levels and on street level. Shops on the second level flanking the train platforms. Shops on the third level, and restaurants on the top level. This is to be in a terraced design providing greenspaces and plazas about the periphery.

7. Parcels 11 and 12 are public assets that should not be used for speculative development.

8. Provide local services, avoid becoming a regional mall.

9. Need improved access for the handicapped, particularly along the roadways to the north, some without sidewalks.

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