Computer & Technology Resource Center

    620 Page Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Map It!

    (415) 883-1428

    Pickup: Local pickups are free. Call for pricing on other pickups.

    Drop-off: During normal business hours; 4:45pm cut off for donation drop-off

    General Info: This non-profit organization accepts a wide array of computer related equipment and other electronics, working or not. No appointment is necessary for drop-offs and the value of your donated hardware is tax-deductible. The donated hardware is refurbished for their charitable placement program which gives free computers to disadvantaged people, non-profits and public schools locally and world wide. See below list of items accepted. All items are recycled for FREE! A second dropoff is located at 42 Digital Drive #3 in Navato, CA 94949.

    Hours: M-F 9am-5pm, Sa 10am-5pm


    Materials Recycled and/or Reused:
    This vendor handles:
    • CD / Jewel Cases: #6 PS-GPPS
    • Diskettes - Computer
    This vendor handles:
    • CDs / DVDs / Laser Disks - Reuse
    • Cellular Phones - Reuse (accepted for free with supporting documentation)
    • Computer Monitors: Working - Reuse
    • Computer Peripherals - Reuse
    • Computers - Reuse
    • Copy Machines - Reuse
    • Electronics - Reuse
    • Office Furniture / Equipment- Reuse
    • Printers / Faxes - Reuse
    • Software Applications - Reuse
    • Televisions: Working
    • Toner / Laser Cartridges
    • Tools - Reuse
    • Typewriters - Reuse
    • VCRs: Working
    Special Materials
    This vendor handles:
    • Cathode Ray Tubes (CRTs) / Monitors
    • Cellular Phones: Scrap - Recycle (accepted for free with supporting documentation)
    • Computer Monitors: Non-working
    • Computer Peripherals: Scrap-Recycle
    • Computers: Scrap - Recycle
    • Copy Machines: Scrap - Recycle
    • Electronics: Scrap - Recycle
    • Printers / Faxes: Scrap - Recycle
    • Televisions: Non-working
    • VCRs: Non-working 

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Try searching Alameda County's Recycling & Reuse Options.

If it is not recyclable, please assure that you dispose of material properly through your garbage collection company or a permitted Transfer Station or Landfill.  To report illegal dumping, call 1-800-NO-DUMPING.

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