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Thursday, December 18, 2003

The Contra Costa County Community Development Department is hosting the second workshop in a series of three to gather your ideas on how to improve pedestrian and bicycle access to the Pleasant Hill BART station (generally from Bancroft to BART). This workshop will go over some of the issues raised at the first workshop and to take any additional input on the alternatives. The outcome of this effort will be a preferred design for a new shortcut path and signage. 

This process is being conducted in cooperation with the cities of Concord and Walnut Creek, BART and the Contra Costa County Redevelopment Agency. MIG and Beneficial Designs have been selected to assist in the development of a preferred design of the new shortcut path and signage/wayfinding system. 

Second Workshop
Thursday, December 18, 2003 7:00 - 9:00
Meet at the Contra Costa Transportation Authority
3478 Buskirk Avenue, Suite 100, Pleasant Hill (This is in the "Hookston Square" complex)

Directions and a map to this location can be found here.

The second workshop will focus on:
Review of Alternative Routes
Identification of Areas of Concern
Response to Areas of Concern Identified at the Previous Workshop

A draft report on the issues raised at the first workshop is currently being developed and will be provided at the second workshop and available on the project website the week of December 8th on the "Announcements" page. This will also include the additional options suggested at the meeting. It will also be available for download on this site prior to the meeting.

Download the printed flyer for the second workshop here.

Individuals who wish to become more familiar with the project are welcome to complete a self-guided tour (found on the project website) and fax, email or send comments to John Cunningham, contact information below.

Download tour booklet here . Comments will need to be submitted or available by the workshop on December 18th. (The map found in this booklet are diagrammatic in nature and do not indicate specific alignments of the proposed path)

Everyone is Welcome - We want to hear from you!

For additional information on the Pleasant Hill BART Shortcut Path/Wayfinding project or specifically the walking tour/community workshop, please contact John Cunningham:

Work: (925)335-1240
FAX: (925) 335-1300


sponsored by:
The Contra Costa County Community Development Department

and funded in part by:
The Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Transportation for Livable Communities Program

Funded Through the Metropolitan Transportation Commission's Transportation For Livable Communities Program