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Job Title: Probation Counselor I
Category: Probation
Status: Open
Salary: $3,364-$4,089 or $19.41 - $23.59 hourly

Probation Counselor I is the entry level class in the counseling series. Incumbents learn to apply individual and group counseling principles and techniques to youths in County juvenile institutions and are trained to monitor minors in programs that are under the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

Probation Counselor I is distinguished from Probation Counselors II and III in that incumbents in the latter classes are experienced counselors who are expected to perform at a higher level of competence with only minimal to moderate supervision.

Persons in the Probation Counselor I classification are defined as Peace Officers by Penal Code Section 830.5, and must successfully complete at least a 160 hour Peace Officer Standards and Training Course, 40 hours of Penal Code 832 training following permanent appointment and 24 hours of professional in-service training annually.

Typical Tasks

  • Supervises and counsels youths in the proper standards of personal conduct, cleanliness and dining etiquette
  • Conducts a planned program of recreation, work and counseling activities
  • Guides boys and girls in their physical, emotional, and social development through direction and positive example
  • Performs certain housekeeping duties and/or supervises youths in the performance of such tasks
  • Provides instruction on the proper use of tools, materials and equipment
  • Guides group meetings
  • Conducts individual and group counseling sessions with residents
  • Maintains discipline
  • Contacts parents, Deputy Probation Officers and other agencies when appropriate
  • Transports juveniles as required Prepares written reports and evaluations
  • Maintains records, statistics and other critical documents
  • Attends staff meetings and may supervise community work activities including coordination of such activities with community agency representatives

A written examination will be administered to all accepted candidates consisting of multiple-choice questions related to knowledge, skills, and abilities and other characteristics necessary for an applicant to possess prior to employment.

View the Candidate Orientation Booklet – Juvenile Correction Officer.
Publication Date/Time:
3/31/2008 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
Open Until Filled

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